Hi, thanks for dropping by. I work at the NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, CA where I support the Space Technology Mission Directorate (e.g. I helped establish the Flight Opportunities program and wrote their first 3 annual reports). In 2013/2014, I spent some time learning about brain-inspired AI (e.g. HTM) and helped organize a VLAB panel discussion on Deep Learning at Stanford.

Before NASA, I worked in the European space sector where my passion was to establish a working relationship between contemporary art and European space through the European Space Agency, ESA (e.g. Floating Points). This passion was inspired by work we did as  'Art Race in Space' back in 2001 for ESA (we=2 American contemporary artists Deborah Solomon, Ricky Seabra and myself, based in Amsterdam).

For my year 2000 MSc thesis in Aerospace Engineering at the Delft University of Technology, I worked on a self-proposed idea to allow people to virtually (internet)-travel to the Moon aboard a small European spacecraft called LunarSat (paper@ICEUM4).

I enjoy researching & telling stories that explore, create, and narrate our human reality.

May 2016